Supporting program

It's showtime, for four whole days of nine hours each, nonstop entertainment!

Friday, July, 4th

12.00 h Ribbon Cutting

Ceremonial opening of The Design Annual - inside: showtime

13.30 h Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin: Germany boils over!
Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin asks how cooking is staged in terms of the media and invites Michelin-star chef Tim Raue ( "Ma Tim Raue", Berlin) and Gerd E. Wilsdorf, Chief Designer at Siemens Electrogeräte, to take the floor. A debate on the art of cooking and product design under the spotlight

15.00 h Performance: "super, super"
Jerszy Seymour (designer und artist, Berlin/Milan) screens a slide show entitled "super, super"

16.00 h Talk: "Design forms the future. Speculations on creativity in the postindustrial age"
Thomas Wagner (art and design critic, Frankfurt) talks to Stefan Diez (designer, Munich) and Christian Gärtner (CMO Stylepark AG, Frankfurt)

17.00 h Talk: "inside: showtime"
Gerrit Terstiege (editor-in-chief form magazine, Basel) talks to Tobias Rehberger (artist, Frankfurt) und Claus Richter (artists, Offenbach/Main) about their artistic efforts for The Design Annual - inside: showtime

18.00 h Claus Richters magic show
Surprise, Surprise...

20.00 h Dance Performance: "Life in a Trash Bag"
Antony Rizzi with his ensemble

Saturday, July, 5 th

14.30 h Talk: "How do urban interventions change public space?"
Sophie Stigliano (former Director of Exhibitions of New York's Center for Architecture) talks to Matthias Böttger (architect and Artistic Director of the raumtaktik agency, Berlin), Raul Cardenas (artist, architect and founder of the collective Torolab in Tijuana, Mexico) and Tom Sloan, (designer at Jason Bruges Studio, London)

16.15 h Lecture: Paul Cocksedge
Paul Cocksedge (designer, London) lectures on his view of light and design

18.30 h Pecha Kucha Night
Presented together with Deutsches Architekturmuseum Frankfurt

Sunday, July, 6 th

13.00 h Lecture: "Building better Worlds"

Claus Richter (artist, Offenbach/Main) talks about theme parks and set design in Hollywood

15.15 h Talk: "Is design the better art? On migrations and metamorphoses of creativity in the early 21st century"
Thomas Wagner (art and design critic, Frankfurt) talks to Tobias Rehberger (artist, Frankfurt) and Volker Albus (designer, Frankfurt/Karlsruhe)

17.00 h Lectures: "Chairs on Stage"
Keynote lectures on the context of fashion and furniture, product and performance, devised and curated by Markus Frenzl (design critic, Offenbach/Main):

Dr. Ingeborg Harms (author, fashion and literature critic, Berlin),
Philipp Mainzer (e15 Design und Distribution GmbH, Oberursel),
Danijel Radic & Priska Morger, (Radic/Morger, Wien) and
Mirko van den Winkel, (Moroso s.p.a., Udine).

20.00 h Dance Performance: "Life in a Trash Bag"
Antony Rizzi with his ensemble

Monday, July, 7 th

13.00 h "Plakbanterie"

A performance of Belgian designer Johan Bruninx

15.00 h Talk: "How does space stimulate social interactions?"
Aric Chen (architecture and design critic, New York) talks to Ab Rogers (designer, London) und Nitzan Cohen (designer, Munich)

18.00 h Dance Performance: "Life in a Trash Bag"
Antony Rizzi with his ensemble

19.30 h The grand finale
The grand finale by and with Mats Theselius (designer, interior designer and artist, Löderup, Sweden)

Everyday in-between performances by:
acrobats and jugglers, musicians, step dancers, magicians, persifleurs, flamenco and bollywood dancers, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Charlie Chaplin.