The lot of design today is not an easy one. The public approach to it has increasingly caused the term design to deteriorate into a lifestyle term. The problem, evidently, is that to date there has been no theoretical basis and no culturally-anchored value and evaluation system for design. In contrast with associated disciplines such as architecture, art and fashion, design has been denied its independence. The definitions essentially verge on meaningless marketing jargon usually to the detriment of content, precision and a precise use of words. To do justice to the claim and meaning of the discipline design, it is important to present the history, values and content of the products. Only in this way can a reference system develop I the long term, in which design can be adequately discussed.Each year The Design Annual will realign its focus and take a look at quite different design topics from changing perspectives. The aim of the event is each year to concentrate closely on one aspect, while at the same time presenting it in its entirety and making it tangible for visitors.